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Nov 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
and this year's traditional runners is steve burke a thirty two year old yale university grad and former comedienne. his campaign burke has been trying to appeal to younger disenfranchise voters who he's as mimi willing to take a chance on him when the polls open tomorrow. rt scary and boring is in miami and brings us more the lights years ago but we just didn't seem that any tear of miami beach mayoral candidate looking to refine his sixty nine he happens to them was a rough season. this tropical paradise has been plagued with corruption and police misconduct scandals that have gained national attention. steve running on a platform it is guaranteed to bring fiscal responsibility to cityhall to put an end to the un force and brutality he plans to implement an independent police review and disciplinary board. yes i was to de criminalize marijuana which would save the city three million dollars a year the miami beach near election is non partisan covered steel has created a political party at his own and trying to come up with the new party called the after party. it's a party specifically
Nov 12, 2013 8:00pm PST
by steve anderson executive director of open media to time out just how that power in canada is being exercised and one two weeks i got in the weeks i first asked him to tell us about how the canadian and american security agencies share that information with one another. you know that you can do us part it was called by its network in asia today secretive below we do know is that several countries that this bias several countries cleanest in the uk new zealand canada the us. they all share information with each other and we know that for example australia. the news but then the state to the eastern side notice that certain individuals. we know there's a lot of other cooperation between canada and the us than any other countries and of course i information collected is then shared with other agencies like the ci day. do the two countries work together and actually did he mean us or canadian citizen and the bronze. well i needed a division in the book that the nsa and the game at the eight candidates he said. both these agencies are really their secretive. they're expensive and below w
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
on the internet so o one. state tv sports commentator lost his wife. steve all is going to take time for a wife to get back to normal here in ca but you get the school for four new one it was suggested nothing can summon the play went there when the priest on oh two led me to second the policy tunnel bolton landing requested the second attempt when the jet commented to the ground passengers who traveled on the same plane because i'm mostly just a few hours the earliest but this was that the lemon was also made high winds it was also frightening. the spider in sepia. i don't mind if life itself went quite smoothly then just before the landing declan started translating fiercely. the plaintiffs seeking comment from side to side. lincoln our first attempt that it was a really bad landing and it felt like the queen was going to roll off the runway. to many christians still to be honest unless but to civil aviation consultant mile of ice to stop this hat mistake. he is to fly the same type of plan involved in the cars and does us to become a gazelle is a combination of factors beyond any . there was
Nov 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
and on the way france twenty four got caught. you can. a. is steve. you knew long ruling will the us. twenty authorities have arrested the people they think are responsible for the car crash near tiananmen square the suspects are believed to be leaders. rangers creating new dimension of medical practice. there are races by using light like forget isn't this the score with five when they beat on the advise of o
Nov 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
by the box on government to hold still and strike while steve peace negotiations where a parody of the body inbox i knew about people carrying so it's very difficult to deny again they weren't aware of that religion peace negotiations go from here at the moment that come to a grinding halt you know and boxed on government are angry at the us and a ton of an authentically at the box on government and it just seems that nobody seems to be going they knew it was peaceful what's gotten over to ms him over iran's nuclear crisis in the nation once again a dingy need to refresh renew told the team to run in six will cause them to wait. officials say the outline of the long awaited deal is a managing will powers are often a punch to the scene of sanctions if iran and freezes some of that stinkin program. michael manley spokesman for the eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton who chairs the nuclear talks. he spoke to lots he says there is promise but it's ultimately up to iran to end the standoff. so isaac good in the fact that we ought getting into the t ten in the way the story never happened b
Nov 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
that of education institution steve spoke with greeks and sing to replace them with private schools typically cost more money the remaining part of the supermarket which collapsed in riga has caved in. this morning for the fifty plus victims continues at the site emergency services picked through the rubble for a second line to become the most of this criminal inquiry has begun to work out why the building collapse thousands of people rallied in the spanish capital to denounce the latest round of austerity measures and speaking out against a proposed new rule that would fall into this and for taking part in a little toys protests and consulting services. under the legislation demonstrate the outside without permission the result of the six hundred files in your own phone. fifteen people died in twin bomb attacks in the north of the role of his expenses which all led by a suicide bomber struck at a shia mosque in a restive town about fifty people was that of being injured in attacks that an abundance of big escalation in iraq in recent months making this the deadliest year since two thousand the f
Nov 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
for steve to go to second guess for the order population studied this is something you in the ukraine would of liked so that all this and other possible economic disadvantages to bring the two decided not to sign this deal. it was looking for some sort of compensation from the european union but the european union did not offer any kind of conversations fall for that report potential economic damages and losses essentially this is what most of the siding not to happen next week. another interesting twist in the story happening during the week is that the european union the facts pointed the finger cross out that using lots of blackmailing a good range of sight out of this free trade deal the russian president hit back saying that in fact it was the european union will blackmail the brain which had been blackmailing ukraine all throughout the negotiation process let's have a listen to the russian president. ukraine has and it got canceled or suspended negotiations with the eu will serve you everything. we had a three from the eu to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is p
Nov 25, 2013 8:00pm PST
. an exquisite with which he makes a spokesperson for steve rothman said next. can the historic deal or a monumental mistake. a week and major world powers and iran hammered out a deal on the so called rogue nations nuclear program. he tells of the talks and the international backlash coming up. can import benning georgia protesters take on western atmosphere institute for security cooperation. you might know what i do love him your facts. if you have provided military training to thousands of soldiers all of the blackjack over the past sixty years and in depth look later in the shout. monday another twenty to find him in washington dc. i met him up and your watch. we are all starting off with our four years negotiations for the trans pacific partnership have played out behind a closed door and get the nations involved ground that it can be biggest trade agreement apart danny allen has everything from medicine to go to intellectual property. the nations involved in a teepee peacocks could it be getting close to a deal. critics warned of this agreement could actually hurt the. acting
Nov 29, 2013 10:30am PST
has to try and push the government enterprising out to europe and on steve was on hand. the assets that have been following the events are as bad and fussed a new poll. aly has seen some sun faces in the twentieth come to school today. yes as expected the eu summit in vilnius has concluded with the our ukraine assigning that association agreement however on friday the president of the european council on and on rome police said he's hopeful that the deal can be revisited at the lake today qb knew his position remains clear. to top off signing the most ambitious agreement the european you in as ever all for two with a non member state. he still on the table inside the eu insisted the offer is still on the table however midfielder tiago has already rejected president thinks i'm gonna call of its maintaining that the scale of the financial deal on offer from brussels was no avenue for his country right now saying he left his country feeling really hate to tell congress call them under the heat came face to face with the unique is that i've had since taken the very first time since the
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
with the end of the eighth century steve camp is likely it's sold as offerings to kill the temple. also the origin of the opposite. it was about four hundred years ago when artistic and creative team can beat the middle and upper chest. that means i can became quite good. still stranded own stupid generations. freecycle is very much applies to them especially in festivals events and tours. that means i can still win. you can do to keep it current cost of iraq. awesome too but decided to be artistically. make one that looks just like me in the recent craze is to us we do portraits he can. how would you do sth. i do them it seems are ways to eat it so cute. just like me the long history behind it we assign to it. japanese street culture. julie was gone the twenty second of it ch. i eye. this is a journal joining us please. try to be born. relief effort. most assaults and how amazingly it workedat
Nov 15, 2013 10:30am PST
. migration in most religious and steve subject right now. following last month's murder of russian ninety eight tobacco allegedly at the hands of the azerbaijan migrants. i was going to poland. she has firmly in the spotlight. and not succumb to this one just now since it still is. we went to market something else goes that most guys trying to move into the lead on the agenda the president of the russian federation appointment. despite getting fried permission to film it soon became clear. for since no one. you rush in the white house to repeat myself the song ends with the saints. we eventually set so far into being away from the market. the bill as is the deciding game in hand suspected some illegal activities though corps morning of thousands of migrants some of the main off of work permits or residence permits that the number of migrants the most elite on to calculate the best estimates the figure of around one quarter of the population and according to official statistics one in fight mode is twenty two breaks of one and three robberies carried out by migrants. heal thirty z came to
Nov 17, 2013 7:30am PST
steve is priced at speakeasy the details just because special to him. it is not queuing up to take the chemical weapons. iraq remains on the side trying to bang the sectarian bloodshed every new deal means more deaths with the iraqi some expats think that it has to be tea tree and teeth on the wall is fueling groups this wakes or hate it that bag you carry a proposal that could land people in jail for knowing that i have yet the new bill would make it easier for local cancer the right to peaceful price estimates for a quirky means it can be interpreted in many different ones if possible become an offence to even threaten to bean uses of the people at this carry on and dionysus as this could seriously undermine freedom of speech. what are attempting to de least get the peace deal with artsy to make any deal for protest immediately and ego. sick day because aides that i quite pissed i recommend legislation. madi has always liked the two coolest new since illinois and said you can imagine the whole point of protest is to cool is nice it's an annoyance a hasty getaway to construct peo
Nov 17, 2013 8:00pm PST
clues to the reasons of the accident when the two black boxes are fat. steve box is one of the coats. all of the communications on the front that that's what i did say to each other what the pundits say on the radio all the incoming voice messages from the traffic control analysts say he can even hear things like the engine noise. if there's an explosion on board you would hear. then the other box is is i suppose you could say the name of the dead but very important in their own way. is the thought of data recorder which records the city the health of the airplane records for the engines of doing it because of the profile of the aircraft's speed. it's at ctu. it records all sorts of parameters of a house on the headlines in it will be an aunt is doing for a minute to minute and there will be at least often our recording of this and it may be and will befall that under the action accident actually happens. the all star teams will have a great deal of information to work with let's go over the details of that kind of plane crash in central russia. a boeing seven thirty seven jet travel
Nov 18, 2013 10:30am PST
. people do with steve about it would get some things you do with the kind of work into it. we found many workers here have been heaps alongside him. and so did the mountains of zion with thousands of workers here have been stuck in the country trying to leave it strips in some cases the business side of the tri cities. because it will get an exit permit teaches. there are no incentive circumstances to stay with you who are in conditions that the market for statehood a german filmmaker when taken time to investigate association backed the side piece on his cameraman were detained and interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spot the rhine fine talking to watkins and mystic these old told a story he and comment upon the problem is my drink wine his face upon them by looking at. all of them. they have not paid for several months in the role right now trying the aid to file the case as well. all of those work is to have one major problem. they have to work with in the so called ca follows system at me that i'd explain to you what that is there in some all basically stating
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)